The journey

Little did our Founder Mr. Chetan Singla had an idea about the tiny step that he was taking in 1996 will soon emerge as a giant leap in form of Panamax.  It was his sheer perseverance and his passion that has not allowed him to settle until he has put in his vision, his brainchild Panamax on an unassuming path of success and the Panamax family went on to become bigger and better with every passing day since then.   As the saying goes that behind every successful man there’s always a woman.  Our man Mr. Singla is no different all that he could achieve was only possible because of the inspiration and strength that he receives from his better half and our Managing Partner Mrs. Monika Singla.  We the Panamax Family are ever thankful to both of them for everything they do helping the Panamax family tree becoming stronger and bigger.

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